about us

who we are

Development Africa is a humanitarian international non-governmental organization working across Nigeria to foster sustainable development in various sectors, with a primary focus on healthcare and education.

Since its inception in 1998, and across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones, Development Africa has successfully carried out numerous programmes to facilitate sustainable development solutions throughout the country. Projects include the construction and management of medical facilities, community healthcare interventions, malaria elimination programmes, educational infrastructure development, renewable resource systems provision, and women’s empowerment initiatives – among others. Development Africa collaborates with various private and public organizations in order to realize its commitment to providing effective and sustainable development solutions throughout Nigeria.

Our team

Joshua Kempeneer

Country Director

Elene Rich


Rima Parker

Operations Manager

Andrew Yoder

National Project Manager

Adekunle Osibodu


our core targets

1 - Engendering community and orphanage support by setting up income-generating schemes and events for the disabled, orphans and children from low-income families and communities.

our core targets

2 - Furthering educational and professional development by strengthening infrastructure, providing technical assistance and training for medical personnel, healthcare workers, teachers, students, and other members of society.

our core targets

3 - Promoting sustainable development through long-term healthcare initiatives, constructing and equipping medical facilities, and empowering widows and women with HIV/AIDS by providing business opportunities.

our core targets

4 - Providing healthcare through free rural medical aid projects, the malaria control and prevention program, and operating accessible medical facilities.

Development Africa builds sustainable and accessible solutions to promote healthcare and education.