Community Support

Community Support

Women's empowerment

Development Africa has established initiatives to work with women at the grassroots level, adopting a bottom-up approach to identify key issues faced by women within their communities. The programme provides women with HIV status with a means of generating a reliable income by establishing small, sustainable workshops and businesses, where they can produce and sell a variety of products and services (such as food provisions, hairdressing, or catering). Development Africa finances the preliminary start-up costs (rent, initial stock purchase, etc.) and provides on-going management training workshops to facilitate development and expansion.

Vocational training

Various vocational training centres have been established across Nigeria, with the goal of providing young adults and disabled persons with the skills to enable them to earn a dependable income. These centres, built and managed by Development Africa in partnership with host communities, train students in vocations such as computer skills/IT, basic farming and agriculture, masonry, sewing, and fashion. Courses typically last 6 to 8 months, and upon completion, students are guided into further education or employment.

Orphanage Support

Development Africa supports orphanages in communities across Nigeria by collaborating with their existing programmes, creating events for the children, improving infrastructures, and establishing income-generating initiatives.

Development Africa builds sustainable and accessible solutions to promote healthcare and education.